Three Nations Issue Journey Warnings About Seeing The U.S.

Protesters raise their hands in solidarity past a police officer and others get arrested (unseen) during a march against police brutality in Manhattan, New York, U.S., July 9, 2016. REUTERS/Bria Webb

Three states have warned their citizens to stay on guard when seeing U.S. cities rocked by occasionally violent demonstrations that erupted after a sequence of police shootings of black Americans.

Travel warnings encouraging Americans to avoid or exercise care in states marred by violence or political instability are routinely issued by America.

The demonstrations have resulted in scuffles, numerous arrests and harms in confrontations between police and demonstrators. After a single black gunman on Thursday shot dead five police officers during a demonstration in Dallas America was also stressed.

The U.S. embassy of Bahrain, a tiny Middle Eastern island nation, on Saturday encouraged citizens via twitter to “be mindful of demonstrations or busy places happening around the U.S.”

“In particular young males are requested to exercise extreme care with the authorities in affected cities within their interactions. Work and avoid being confrontational,” Bahamas international ministry said in a travel advisory.

The United Arab Emirates encouraged its students and other citizens in America to also be cautious, using similar language the U.S. State Department uses when warning Americans about nations that have fallen victim to attacks by extremists.

“Please know about immediate atmosphere and avoid crowded areas when potential,” the UAE embassy said in a statement that encouraged people to stay away from any U.S. protests. “Exercise special care during occasions or big festivals, be alert and remain safe.”

In July travel warnings have been issued by America for Mali, Venezuela, Iraq and Bangladesh.

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