Our Packages

Beach Resort package

Our most popular package is the beach resort, giving your company a getaway to one of our selected beaches. Enjoy a grand bungalow, with spacious rooms and a majestic view of the ocean. Meals are fully provided, and you can choose which activity you would like for your company .

glamping package

glamping is short for ‘glamour camping’, which is a relaxing getaway in a beautiful lush forest. Unlike normal camping, glamping comes with luxurious spacious tents with essential amneties and airconditioning. Teambuilding activities in this package are more for those seeking a comfortable, yet fun-filled day with their fellow co-workers. 

Hiking package

the hiking package is a 2 days, 1 nights holiday trip that involves an exciting stay at the foot of the national park. This package is set to involve more intense activities such as paintballing, hiking, and swimming. It’s a great choice for companies that don’t mind getting their feet wet when it comes to teambuilding activities. All in all, the hiking package promises a full day of bonding and fun. 


We ensure that our facilitators are always nearby to ensure that activities are carried out as planned, without putting anyone in harm’s way. 

Any cancellations must be done a week prior to the date of the holiday. You will be fully refunded for any fees that you’ve paid. However, if cancellation is made after a week prior to the date of the holiday, then you will only be refunded what hasn’t been spent on setting up your company’s holiday destination and getaway. 

There will be a deposit required based on the package you’ve selected.

We offer shuttle services for your company as well as free parking for our accomodations. 

We provide kitchen and bathroom essentials, as well as religious spaces.