All over the world totally free remaining in luxurious resorts – but there is a capture this lady moves

Natalie Wood on a yacht in Abu Dhabi

A jetsetter is travelling the world on vacation for free thanks to an internet relationship website where guys pay thousands to whisk her away. She’s travelled to nations including Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, the Maldives, Australia, Czech Republic, Turkey and Miami.
At the same time as paying for her flights and lodging dates splash out on yachts, flash cars and lavish parties and generally supply spending cash for designer goods to the beautician.

Natalie estimates that her dates have together spent be in her business so far and despite being labelled a ‘gold digger’ she insists she is only a high-end traveller.

Natalie said: “I certainly love traveling, therefore I determined to join the website in the hopes of finding guys that have exactly the same passion as I do. “Over the previous two years I’ve been on around 80 dates with guys from throughout the world – and they’ve all been amazing. “I ‘m fair about what I’m looking for, I’m single and love meeting new folks and being spoilt. “I adore to tick off different nations all over the world, I appreciate luxury cars, yachts, hot weather and the excursions that I’m going on are just getting better. I constantly request to see their ID before we organize to meet, but every man I’ve met have been a real gentleman. It is difficult to place a figure on it but guys have spent tens of thousands on my flights and lodging, I believe it total in surfeit of £60,000, but I do not keep track of it. I enjoy the finer things in life and also this lifestyle enables me to have them.

After joining Miss Travel two years past, Natalie has been flown to places she never imagined seeing all over the world. Natalie travelled to meet with an international accountant who encouraged her to research.

Our relationship was precise platonic so I stayed in among his flats. I flew to Perth in Australia to me meet an alternative man who possessed private airplanes, he had an enormous group and I managed to ride in one. There is no pressure to have a sexual relationship with the guys I date but I do not rule sex outside. I  had so many amazing experiences, having the capability to travel so freely has restyle my life.

Natalie expects for attaching with as many guys online as potential to continue her experiences and is now in Miami, where she’s purchased an one way ticket. I flew to Miami to meet a man who’s an extremely successful surgeon and we’ve had so much fun. Sadly he had to fly back to London for company , and so I arranged to meet another man who works in building. I ‘m flying to the Bahamas next week, I will be always so excited to see new locations and not need my experiences to finish.

My fantasy would be to start my own health spa, and as I’ve been travelling I ‘ve taken inspiration in the states I’ve seen, I now have a great number of thoughts that I  love to placed into practice. I want to fall in love and wed a worldwide company guy but, until I do, I am going to carry on utilize Miss Travel. I can not commend the website enough, I ‘d never have been able to go to all of these amazing areas without the guys I meet through the website, the possibilities are endless.